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Calamansi Fruits in basket

Calamansi fruits

Calamansi fruits undergo a maturation process that typically spans three to four months, from the time the flowers appear until they become fully ripe. When harvesting calamansi, it is crucial to select only ripe fruits, as they are larger and contain more juice when squeezed. Careful attention is given to ensure that unripe fruits are not included in the harvest operations, ensuring a high-quality yield.

Calamansi Seedlings


Calamansi marcots are propagated through air layering with loamy soil, a method that takes about three months to develop roots. Once the roots are established, the marcots are transplanted into small polybags and kept in a shaded area for approximately two months to develop roots.

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Welcome to our Calamansi Farm! We are a local farm who take pride in cultivating and selling locally produced, high-quality calamansi fruits. We ensure that our fruits are nurtured from blossom to harvest, resulting in a delicious and nutritious product. We meticulously select only ripe and juicy calamansi fruits during harvesting, ensuring that they meet our strict quality standards. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a business in need of a reliable supplier, we offer a seamless experience with efficient packaging and prompt delivery services.

Join us on a flavorful journey as you explore the tangy goodness of our locally produced calamansi fruits. Incorporate our vibrant citrus gems, grown right in our community, into your recipes, beverages, or skincare routines and discover the joy they bring. With our commitment to passion, quality, sustainability, and supporting local agriculture, we invite you to experience the essence of our farm and enjoy the finest calamansi fruits available.

Calamansi Fruits


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