Tips for Pruning Calamansi Plant

“It’s too tall!” We were making our routine checks for bud formation and pests when we saw that some of the plants had grown higher in just half a month. It began pouring in the afternoons throughout the last month, which might have triggered the growth spurt.

Pruning is essential for keeping your calamansi plant in shape and supporting healthy development.

Make sure to check if the plant is well hydrated. Never prune if the calamansi plant is suffering from drought. Healing requires much energy, so make sure the plant is relatively healthy before you prune it.

Use proper garden shears. Using a sharp and clean pruning scissors, remove unwanted branches.

Schedule pruning. Bear in mind to prune the plant before new growth appears and during wet season, which should happen in late December to early March.

Let’s keep our calamansi plant short and healthy to boost its produce.

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